Years Attended: 2

Current Vocation: Health Care Aide for Special Ed & Associate Pastor of Courage Church, Detroit. 

"It was the most revolutionary years of my life. I memorized the Bible. I learned how to serve. I learned what it meant to love people and do ministry and build relationships. The discipline that it helped me to establish in my life propelled me in maturity and influence well beyond my years. I've been a Pastor for 4 years and I know that it is only because of the commitment I made to learn, serve, and follow, during those early years of my adult life" 



Years Attended: 2 

Current Occupation: Independent Adjuster

"Pastor Chilly is incredibly gifted at both teaching & discipleship. His adventure is not for the faint of heart. To those who crave adventure, who can rise to a challenge, who revel in finding out with is next and who are willing to abandon self for the sake of becoming better. It's the kind of thing that requires you to count the cost and decide to be all- in or not-in-at-all.I can tell you from the other side that, if you make the first choice and stick with it, you won't want to look back." 


Years Attended 2: 

Current Occupation: Chief Operating Officer
Reach Influence, Detroit

"Fears broken, risks taken, history made. I am forever indebted to Pastor Chilly for the thousands of hours spent helping me know Jesus better, challenging me to internalize the bible, provoking me to love people outside of my comfort zone, build churches, and the list goes on and on. 

There is too much at stake in this day and age to miss an opportunity to truly learn the ways of Jesus through discipleship from Pastor Chilly.

I challenge anyone to give a year and hold nothing back."

Philippians 3:8



Youth Evangelist  
& Motivational Speaker
**please note: Reggie is a close, personal friend of Chilly NOT a former student like those above.

"When people say to me the name “Chilly Chilton,” I immediately think of the phrase “Carpe Diem” ~ seize the day. Definitely touched by God, definitely a man of God. If your young person can hang around him for one day, they will be effective for the rest of their life. In Matthew 22:14 it says, “Many are called, few are chosen;” Chilly would definitely fit in the chosen category. If you have a chance to rub shoulders with him and chose not to, that could be a big mistake, because he has affected my life in a way I could never explain. So, if you want to be a hero in heaven, a servant on earth, a warrior for God, or a wanted man in hell – you need to hang with Chilly" 


Years attended 2

Current Occupation: United Sates Airforce

"It is difficult to put into words all the ways discipleship has impacted my life. Pastor Chilly's passion for following Christ, reaching the lost, and discipling others is contagious and life changing. The years I spent under his leadership helped me discover God's call on my life and prepare me for what is to come. If you choose to be discipled, you will learn and grow more than you can imagine. It is a priceless experience that I would recommend to anyone who's willing to step out of the ordinary.”